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Komplett Transfer 02.05.2013
ab 02.05. in Arbeit
Farbfelder: Augen-Sinnes-Bienen-Weiden auf Ackerbrachen
19.02.2014 13:53
Mosquito species composition and phenology (Diptera, Culicidae) in two German zoological gardens imply different risks of mosquito-borne pathogen transmission
10.07.2018 13:21
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)archiving onlyFalland, Jutta
Chemotaxonomy of mycotoxigenic small-spored Alternaria fungi - do multitoxin mixtures act as an indicator for species differentiation?
05.07.2018 10:21
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)world wide free accessMüller, Marina
The TERENO-Rur Hydrological Observatory: A Multiscale Multi-Compartment Research Platform for the Advancement of Hydrological Science
05.07.2018 10:11
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)archiving onlyGerke, Horst
Is crop growth model able to reproduce drought stress caused by rain-out shelters above winter wheat?
27.06.2018 09:39
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)world wide free accessKersebaum, Kurt-Christian
Endophytic bacterium Bacillus subtilis (BERA 71) improves salt tolerance in chickpea plants by regulating the plant defence mechanisms
26.06.2018 12:36
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)archiving onlyWirth, Stephan
Climate change effect on wheat phenology depends on cultivar change
26.06.2018 10:56
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)world wide free accessHollburg, Anke
Key functional soil types explain data aggregation effects on simulated yield, soil carbon, drainage and nitrogen leaching at a regional scale
26.06.2018 10:38
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)archiving onlyHollburg, Anke
Piorr, A, Zasada, I, Doernberg, A, Zoll, F and Ramme, W 2018, Research for AGRI Committee – Urban andPeri-urban Agriculture in the EU, European Parliament, Policy Department for Structural and Cohes
25.06.2018 11:52
Reportsworld wide free accessPiorr, Annette
Stability of grain legume yields is a matter of scaling
25.06.2018 10:52
Book chaptersarchiving onlyEhlert, Sigrid
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