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Komplett Transfer 02.05.2013
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Uncertainty in future irrigation water demand and risk of crop failurefor maize in Europe
21.02.2017 11:44
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)world wide free accessHollburg, Anke
Protective role of gamma amminobutyric acid on Cassia italica Mill under salt stress
21.02.2017 10:13
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)world wide free accessEgamberdieva, Dilfuza
Activity of Culicoides spp. (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) inside and outside of livestock stables in late winter and spring
17.02.2017 10:31
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)archiving onlyFalland, Jutta
Facilitation between woody and herbaceous plants that associate with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in temperate European forests
14.02.2017 11:52
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)world wide free accessWulf, Monika
Antimicrobial activity of medicinal plants correlates with the proportion of antagonistic endophytes
09.02.2017 14:12
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)archiving onlyWirth, Stephan
Variability in the Water Footprint of Arable Crop Production across European Regions
09.02.2017 13:57
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)world wide free accessKersebaum, Kurt-Christian
The CarboZALF-D manipulation experiment – experimental design and SOC patterns
09.02.2017 13:46
Journal articles (other)world wide free accessDeumlich, Detlef
Community-based management of environmental challenges in Latin America and the Caribbean
07.02.2017 10:28
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)world wide free accessFranke, Kerstin
Measurement of sustainability in agriculture: a review of indicators
27.01.2017 11:33
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)world wide free accessWille, Renate
Advanced Soil Hydrological Studies in Different Scales forSustainable Agriculture
27.01.2017 11:31
Journal articles (peer-reviewed)world wide free accessKannemann, Viola
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