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Search parameters Category and Year
4 search parameters


1      Gesamtanzahl Publikationen/ Total number of publications
2      Zahl der Publikationen auf dieser Seite/ Number of publications on this page
3      Umblättern/ Turn to next page
4      Suchparameter auswählen/ Choose search parameter
5      Operator auswählen/ Choose operator
6      * verwenden, um nach allen Publikationen zu suchen/ use * to search for all publications
7      Suchzeile löschen/ Remove search parameter
8      Suchzeile hinzufügen/ Add search parameter
9      Suche ausführen/ Execute query
10    Kategorie auswählen/ Choose category
11    nach EndNote exportieren/ Export reference to EndNote
12    Link zur Publikation/ URL to publication
13    Link zur pdf-Datei/ Link to pdf file
14    ZALF-Autoren sind hervorgehoben/ ZALF authors are emphasized


Example 1: Search for peer-reviewed journal articles in 2013:

Choose search parameter "Year".

Type "2013" into the search box.

Choose "Journal articles (peer reviewed)" from the drop-down box next to the parameter "Category".

Click on "Retrieve data" to apply the filter values.

Example 2: Search for book chapters in 2009 by Dalchow that contain the word "landscape"

Type "landscape" into the "Anywhere" box.

Type "Dalchow" into the "Author" box.

Choose "Book chapters" from the Category drop-down list.

Add a search box.

Choose "Year" from the parameter drop-down list.

Type "2009" into the "Year" box.